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Squad swimming is a great way to develop lifelong skills, refine technique and most importantly be safe and have fun in the water. Rackley Squad Programs cater for all abilities and the focus is on developing each swimmer to reach their potential and love of the sport. Training sessions will provide swimmers with the skills and stamina needed to set their sights on competing at their chosen level be it Local, School, Masters or National level.


Led by Head Coach John Robinson at Rackley Coomera we have a team of experienced swim teachers & coaches who have proven success at all levels of the sport. Swimmers at all levels are offered in the water and of the water training and development with a focus on long term success, achievement, and enjoyment.


Rackley Coomera is based at the Coomera Anglican College. The centre has a 25m 8 lane pool and indoor Dryland S&C facilities.


Coomera Squad Swimmers Compete as part of the Helensvale Swim Club – all swimmers are encouraged to join the club team so they can put skills into practice and race. Club membership enables swimmers to participate in Club nights and local, state and national competitions. For more information on the club click here

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Squads for all levels

Junior Squad
Fun & safety is the primary objective of all Junior swimming, coincidentally it is reason we ‘learn to swim’ initially. The Junior Squad aims to increase the swimmer's knowledge and understanding of all four strokes, including the Individual Medley. Swimmers will also be specifically trained through general endurance and specific drill progressions. The swimmers race skills are developed as they expand their competition events. Swimmers at this level will learn to train and swim smarter. Equipment required – flippers, kickboard and pull buoy.
Silver Squad
The Silver squad is designed for swimmers who wish to compete at a high standard at competition with the goal of qualifying for Gold Coast District and State level competitions. The sessions are based on all four strokes. The program will develop both aerobic and anaerobic systems, which is important for all ages of athlete. The Silver squad will have a large technique and kick focus. Swimmers will continue training in all four strokes and will be required to meet the training standards, as it is important for all swimmers to develop strong foundations in each of the strokes. Each stroke will be developed through specific kick, drill, speed and endurance sets. *Equipment required – flippers, paddles, pull buoy, kickboard and hand paddles.
Gold Squad
The Gold / National squads are a seasonally designed program aimed at performance at QLD Long Course State and Age Nationals and State and National Surf / Pool Rescue. The sessions are specifically designed to each swimmer's stroke and distance. The dry land and pool sessions are personalised to the needs of the athletes for maximum achievement in their chosen events. These squads will give swimmers an opportunity to compete in sprint, middle distance, and distance events. *Equipment required – flippers, hand paddles, pull buoy, kickboard, band, finger paddles and drag suit.

Squad Monthly Fees

The monthly rates are calculated based on a annual amount and take into account variances for swimmers who will not attend during Squad Break/family holiday periods. If your swimmer is having a break from squad of more than 4 weeks, please contact the centre manager to discuss putting membership on hold during the break.


Our Coaches

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John Robinson
Head Coach Rackley Coomera
John Robinson currently Head Swimming Coach of Rackley swimming Coomera and also a Team Coach for the Helensvale Swim Club. John has coached for over 30 years and holds a Silver Licence and is a Former member of the NSW Swimming Competition Committee and NSW ASCTA Board Member. John has been coaching at the Rackley Coomera site since September 2014 also under the banner of the Helensvale Swim Club where he has coached swimmers to Australian and State medals. John has been a Team Coach / Head Coach on NSW swimming development squads and Team Coach for the NSW Open Water touring team to NZ. John has been in QLD since 2012 and has been a team Coach for Queensland Swimming Development Squads.