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Are the pools heated?

Yes, all the swimming pools are heated to a minimum of 26 degrees all year long.

When is the best time to swim laps?

The best time to swim laps is early in the morning between 6:30am and 8:30am. Please keep in mind that the pool is substantially busier on hot days.

Do I have to pay if I'm not swimming?

Yes. When entering a City Aquatic Centre you are expected to pay standard entry fee. This fee covers the provision, maintenance and staffing of the facilities such as the grounds, and change rooms.

What do I need to bring when I come to the pool?

A drink bottle, towel, appropriate swimwear, swim cap and goggles if preferred.

Does the pool close when it rains?

No, the pool only closes when there is extreme bad weather for safety reason.

Are there lockers to use?

Lockers are available to use please contact reception. 

What do I need to bring for my workouts?

All you need to bring is a small towel and we recommend a drink bottle. There is a water station in the Health Club where you can fill up your bottle with water.

Can I leave my bag in the gym while working out?

No. While our Health Clubs are quite spacious, we cannot accommodate every member's bags in the gym. Please do not bring any valuables into the centre as the staff cannot be responsible for personal items that go missing.

What clothes should I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable working out in. Most people wear shorts or tracksuit pants, with a t-shirt or singlet top, and maybe a jumper until warmed up. Any type of athletic shoes is fine, however your shoes need to have a covered toe and heal (i.e. no thongs or sandals).

What are the Health Club rules/gym etiquette?

For courtesy, proper hygiene, and safety to all members, City Health Clubs requests that each member abides by the following:

  • wipe down equipment after use
  • carry water bottle and towel at all times
  • place bags in lockers rather than in the gym
  • return all weights to original position after use
  • refrain from adding extra weights to pin loaded equipment
  • use weight collars when using barbells
  • refrain from resting on equipment between sets (as other members may wish to use it)
  • wear appropriate clothing
  • refrain from dropping weights when exercising
  • use a spotter if possible

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