Five Steps to Success

We believe in five steps to success to achieve your fitness goals.

City-5-Steps-Success-37x37-Heart.png Step 1: Supervised Workout

(30 minutes) We take you through your personal routine, how to set up the machines and demonstrate each exercise for you to ensure you feel comfortable doing exercises in your program.

City-5-Steps-Success-37x37-PT.png Step 2: Complimentary Personal Training

(30 minutes) We will provide you with a one on one workout with one of our trainers to help you achieve your goals. Our mission in this session is to educate, motivate, support and inspire you.

City-5-Steps-Success-37x37-Orientation.png Step 3: Orientation 

(30 minutes) We assess what your goals are, set short and long term goals, and take some basic measurements including heart rate.

City-5-Steps-Success-37x37-Nutrition.png Step 4: Nutrition

(30 minutes) We will help you with a basic food plan, menus and resources to help you develop a suitable nutrition plan. It is critical that your eating plan reflects the hard work you're doing in training.

City-5-Steps-Success-37x37-Review.png Step 5: Program Review

(30 minutes) Your progress will be checked at 6-8 weeks to ensure your body and fitness level have started to change. We'll update your program to show you some new exercises. Whether you have been attending regularly or not, this is an important session to touch base with your trainer and review your progress and short term goals.


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