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Chermside Water Park Now Open!

The most fun season is here: Chermside Water Park Season. Brisbane's largest water park opens its doors for kids and adults alike to enjoy hundreds of metres of water slides. From the scenic Jungle Adventure to the Flume of Doom, to the Lilly Pads and Kids area, there's something for everyone.

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Get up close and personal with Personal Training.

Personal training sessions are the best way to get results as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring you’re training in a way that you can maintain without getting injured.

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Four fun swimming facts to pique your interest.

Swimming is one of Australia’s most popular pastimes, and for good reason. There’s no better feeling than the feeling of complete weightlessness, floating in the water.

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30 Days of Fitspiration at your local City.

Inspiration can come from many different places, but the most powerful force comes from within. In June and July, we’re harnessing the power of fitspiration.

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